Should you really #deletefacebook? Find out for yourself

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Last week Facebook was in the news not for all the right reasons. It was noticed that Facebook’s shares dropped by almost seven per cent, which equates to more than $40 billion being shaved off the company’s value and that’s huge. Facebook users are upset. Let’s find out why such hatred and try to understand why users want to #deletefacebook.

This all started when a whistle blower named Steve Bannon from Cambridge Analytica(CA)- the  company hired by Trump during 2016 for elections-chose to reveal the means of their ‘research’. He declared that Cambridge Analytica used information that was gleaned from hundreds of millions of Facebook profiles which they later used to influence how Americans voted in the 2016 US election.

[Psst… I know what you are thinking. Did Modi ji also…. 😉 ]

The #Deletefacebook started getting popular only later when smart evaluations over ‘how facebook is connected’ started to spur. Questions began on how a data company could influence the decisions of  “40,000 votes in three states”, despite losing the popular vote by three million people.

Once you make a Facebook account and add friends, played few quizzes, commented on your friends pictures, life events and recent purchases, you have already entered the Facebook ecosystem.

Facebook has been collecting not just your data but analysing your data in relation to your ‘friends’ as disclosed to MamaMia , an Australian opinion and lifestyle website. This has been in the talks as one of the biggest reasons why #deletefacebook has been trending(funnily enough) on Facebook timelines recently.

#DeleteFacebook is a fad right now. Facebook is going to stay. To get people off from facebook is not going to happen anytime sooner but this has definitely piqued my interest to know more about ‘what all does facebook know about us’.

So, in this article I am going to tell you how can you get this vital piece of information in 3 simple steps!


That’s about it. 3 Simple steps and you would get details about what all facebook is collecting from your account.

PS: I just happened to try a day ago and I still haven’t received my data yet. I’m guessing  the data file is huge. Hmm, let’s see. Meanwhile, do try it yourself. Would love to know if facebook shares a ‘copy’ at all or not. What are your thoughts, do let me know in the comments section.

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