Top 5 Reasons You Cannot Miss Out on YouTube Advertisement for Your Brand

Most brands, when they think of social media promotion think of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on, missing Youtube entirely, which is in fact the second biggest website in the world preceded only by Google.

YouTube accounts for more than 2 billion users worldwide with more than 30 million daily visits, thereby making it a top platform for marketing your brand. A bigger reach implies wider possibilities for driving traffic, giving rise to more leads.

Implementing Youtube advertisements as a part of your marketing strategy can be a cost-effective way to grow your business. Think of the Myntra ad starring Kiara Advani, advocating uniquely curated online fashion content which garnered over 48.6 million views with a 90% positive response making it the top most-watched ad in the month of May on the platform. With Youtube, possibilities are infinite. Here’s why:


YouTube allows for PPC advertisement model, or Pay Per Click ads, which means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Anyone familiar with this concept knows how lucrative it is. Moreover, you decide how much you pay when someone clicks your ad.

This assures you will never waste money on ad space or squander resources on PPC ads.

Youtube also has cost-effective ad options such as 30-60 second pre-roll ads that are cheaper than your regular PPC ads. 

Over 88% of advertisers are satisfied with the ROI of their promotion efforts. However, the biggest challenges are budgets and production difficulties. To meet these roadblocks, Youtube has come up with a new free Video Builder in Beta to help brands make their own ads for the platform.

With such a wide gamut of options available at your disposal, it is up to you to decide on a budget and reap the benefits of ROI that Youtube has to offer.

youtube ad formats

Youtube ads are highly targeted

When it comes to targeted ads, Youtube beats the rest. It allows granular targeting by using demographics which becomes extremely important for a successful ad campaign.

 Not only demographics, one can target an audience on Youtube based on topics of interest. Customer matching helps identify audiences who have shown interest in your brand in the past whereas similar audience targeting allows customer match data to identify similar people who might have an interest in your products and services. 

On the other hand, video remarketing helps spot users who have interacted with your videos previously. With a bunch of other targeting tools like an affinity audience which targets users who have great interest in topics related to your business and a custom affinity audience which helps micro-target users further, your business is bound to boom.

Youtube ads show fast results

It’s a no-brainer that running ads on Youtube provide fast results, given that it has more than 2 billion monthly users.

Getting your ads in front of a bigger audience means your garner more ad clicks, website traffic, and sales over a period.

With the incredibly large user base that Youtube has achieved, you are bound to see quick results in a short while.

For instance, if you send an ad email to 20 subscribers, it will take much longer to see results as compared to Youtube because it means only 20 people have seen your email. However, email lists of course have more than 20 subscribers at any point in time which makes it a handy tool as well.

But with Youtube, you have a significantly bigger pool of audience which means more people interested in your brand, which helps fetch better results in a quick duration.

Youtube has an ever-growing audience

Consider handing out flyers to passersby outside a store in a small town. If you are lucky, you might be able to hand out 30 flyers in an afternoon, because not a lot of people might frequent that store.

Youtube on the other hand allows small brands as well as enterprise businesses to reach a mass audience comprising of interested users because of its giant user base (2 billion to be exact) that only keeps increasing. 

Even when you target a specific audience, you can still get your ads before more people than you can elsewhere, unless you have 2 billion subscribers on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and where you also happen to advertise.

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Real-time reporting

Youtube analytics provide accurate data at every step of your ad campaign. Real-time reporting is crucial for assessing your ad strategy so that you get the best out of your budget. 

This is brought made possible with the help of Google AdWords which provides information regarding views, costs, and budget while Youtube analytics provide a comprehensive knowledge of your user base.

Moreover, one can keep a tab of video viewership to find out how often an advertisement is played and to what length. 

These metrics make it easy to figure out how your ad is performing and the field in which improvement is required to best utilize your budget.

Video content marketing has experienced a steep rise in the last decade, producing a higher conversion rate than any other medium. The proof is in the pudding. Every month, people across the globe collectively watch six billion hours of Youtube videos. With Youtube becoming the second biggest website after Google, it’s time that you jump into the bandwagon and make the best use of the platform for your brand!

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