Ad Ops

With Facebook and Twitter targeted marketing algorithms becoming more advanced, it makes sense to use paid marketing strategies to promote your content. However, you must know when and how to use these tools for maximum returns. As digital and social media marketing practitioners we believe a good mix of both organic marketing tactics and paid marketing is the formula to success in the digital age. 


Our Benefits

Paid ads work best when integrated into a larger marketing campaign. At Purple Filter, we design marketing campaigns that cover all your digital and social media marketing needs. Our short-term, midterm, and long-term strategies help increase your brand’s overall impression and build an engaged community of consumers.

Ad Ops

Facebook Ads

Facebook has been improving its algorithm to provide more targeted marketing over time. The platform lets you define your audience and run the ad across multiple platforms. At Purple Filter, we know how to utilize Facebook ads for the best results. We A/B test your ads and adjust them according to real-time insights.

Instagram Boosts

Boosting your post on Instagram allows you to reach out to a wider audience and attract new followers with your visuals. While it may be tempting to boost all your posts, any good marketing agency will tell you to use boosted posts sparingly and strategically. Contact us to learn how to make the best use of Instagram boosts.

Twitter Ad Campaigns

Twitter ads are designed to target the most powerful and influential of its users. With over 20 product options on Twitter for Business, the platform lets you design and run ad campaigns in the format best suited to your goals. But all these options can become a bit overwhelming. Let the experts at Purple Filter handle it for you.

Display Ads

Drive consumers to you with display advertisement. Display ads are placed in high traffic, high visibility websites to redirect viewers to your landing page. Purple Filter helps you design and run attractive banner ad campaigns to increase your reach.

Video Production Services

Use video ads to get your audience’s attention. At Purple Filter, we have a strong Video Production team that excels at creating high value creative video content. Contact us to know more.


Having perfectly designed visual elements goes a long way when it comes to brand building and development. We take all your unique design needs into account before deciding on a rate. Book a consultancy today.

Here to 'Brand' your 'Brand'

At Purple Filter, we provide holistic branding and digital marketing solutions for our long term clients. Whether you are looking for a brand name, or a way to reach your target audience or trying to keep them engaged, we have your back.