Brand Book

In the marketing world, we often say that repetition is the key to brand recognition. But what we don’t say often enough is that it is the consistency in repetition that makes all the difference. It is consistency in style, content, graphics, and presentation that makes your brand instantly recognizable.

Purple Filter helps you create a signature style for your brand and compiles a Brand Book that will ensure that your content is instantly recognizable no matter what the platform is.


Our Benefits

With 12 years of experience behind us, we know how to brand your brand. We help you visualize and standardize your brand elements. We work closely with our clients to deliver brand books that give their brand a unique personality and tone of expression.

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Brand Book

Brand personality

Strong brands have strong personalities. Your brand book documents your brand personality. At Purple Filter we start from scratch to brand your brand, giving shape to a brand personality that reflects your unique strengths and what you stand for.

Brand Promise

The relationship you have with your consumers is based on your brand promise. When we create brand books for our clients we keep this promise at the core of all our design decisions. Our brand books are created to be a part of your larger integrated marketing strategy.

Vision, Values, and Offerings

We understand that a brand is more than its visual elements. Our brand books reflect your Vision and Values along with your brand offerings.

Brand Elements

A brand book helps define your company's style. Our team of graphic designers creates Logos, Typefaces, Font Styles, Web styles, and Brand Color Pallets that reflect your brand’s uniqueness.