Content Writing

Today, the value you bring to your consumers as a brand is almost as important as the products and services you offer. What ideals do you stand for? How can your brand make your consumer’s life better? In order for your consumers to connect with your brand, your brand has to come to life for them, and the way to do this is through storytelling.

Entertaining, informative, reliable, and useful content that keeps your consumers coming back for more is the key to creating an engaged consumer base.

Our Benefits

Purple Filter has a team of marketing professionals, passionate writers, innovative social media managers, and diligent SEO experts who work together to create a tone and a voice for your brand. We create content that is uniquely tailored to your brand persona and a content strategy suited to your unique needs.

  • Helping Brands tell their story

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  • We help you achieve your overall marketing goals

Content Writing

Web content

An attractive website is key to catching your client’s attention. When you trust a branding agency with your website content, we use our experience in marketing to bring out your unique brand personality through your web content. At Purple Filter, we know how to make your website content SEO friendly, informative, cool, and quirky all at the same time.

Blog content

Blog content is a great tool to educate, inform and entertain your target audience and keep them glued to your brand. Regular blogs also improve your website’s SEO and help your website rank higher on Google. At Purple Filter, we craft our blogs to position your brand as a thought leader in your industry and improve your credibility as an industry leader.

Social media content

The more content you put out on social media, the more the algorithm boosts your posts. However, as social media marketers, it's important to remember that the only content that will help you as a brand in the long term is content that is relevant to your brand. At Purple Filter, we create relevant, branded, and platform-specific social media content that is assured to improve engagement on social media.

Audio-Visual Content

As a branding and marketing agency that specializes in audiovisual marketing campaigns, we have a team of experienced script writers waiting to help you draft your scripts.