Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to keep your consumers in the loop. Delivering your marketing message right in their inbox not only helps your brand achieve top-of-mind recall but also results in direct conversions when it comes to sales. 

However, in order for your marketing emails to stand out, you need click-worthy content that will catch your consumer’s attention.


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We know how to make your emails stand out from the rest and how to use mail to drive your consumer to the point of purchase. Trust us to handle all your email marketing needs.

Email Marketing

Acquisition Emails

Acquisition email marketing is the practice of using email campaigns to expand your consumer base. Think of it as the marketing equivalent of cold calls. In order for acquisition email marketing to work, you need to have a targeted strategy and an impressive emailer. At Purple Filter, we help you with both.

Retention Emails

Maintain relationships with existing consumers with periodic retention mails. Sending out regular emails to your consumers helps keep them updated about your company and makes them feel involved. Personalized retention emails such as birthday offers and feedback forms for specific products go a long way when it comes to improving consumer loyalty.

Promotional Emails

Emailers are a great way to let your audience know about promotional offers. The direct call to action allows for higher conversion rates. Promotional emails also act as a form of motivation to keep your consumer base hooked to your brand and interact more with your content as they are on a constant lookout for the next great deal.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters give you the opportunity to add value to your customers by sharing information, hack, and ideas that your consumer will find useful. Good newsletter content helps build trust over time and strengthens the relationship between your brand and your consumers.

Design makes a difference

Having a unique look and feel is key to setting you apart from your competitors. Our team of designers can help you create stunning emailers that ensure your clients remember your brand and look forward to your newsletters.


Don’t underestimate the power of a good old email! A strong email marketing campaign has the power to directly improve your sales. Our email marketing charges are decided upon after taking all your unique marketing needs into account. Book a consultancy today to get a quote.