Performance Marketing

Traditional marketing takes time. However, at Purple Filter, we specialize in Performance marketing. Pay for results you can see with our performance marketing service. We track and measure your campaigns and give you ROI figures that actually make sense instead of vague approximations that leave you wondering if you made the right choice.  


Our Benefits

We believe in constantly monitoring and analyzing our campaigns in order to make the changes necessary to meet your marketing goals. When you sign with us, you’re in good hands; our Performance Marketing campaigns are ROI-focused and provide results you can see for yourself.

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Performance Marketing

CPM marketing

CPM marketing refers to Cost Per Mile or cost per thousand. As the name suggests, advertisers pay for every 1000 impressions an ad gets. CPM marketing relies only on the number of views and not the actions taken by viewers. At Purple Filter, we use CPM marketing for companies at the beginning of their branding journey who simply want to increase brand awareness.

CPC marketing

CPC or cost per click advertising determines the price based on the number of clicks an ad gets. A higher CPC usually means the value of the conversion is higher and the campaign is more targeted.

CPA marketing

CPA marketing refers to Cost per Action marketing, here the cost is calculated based on a specific action you want your viewers to take. This could be purchasing an item, interacting with your content, or even something like downloading a PDF.

LTV marketing

LTV marketing or Life Time Value marketing is a little bit more nuanced than the rest. It takes into consideration, the predicted value an individual customer brings to a business throughout their relationship with the brand. In LTV marketing, the cost is based on the number of new customers gained.