Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing includes the use of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube to market your products and services. The key to social media marketing is consistently posting good quality content. However, just that alone, might not be enough to give your brand the boost it deserves.


Our Benefits

While most companies understand the importance of a social media presence, they often overlook the importance of a social media marketing strategy. At Purple Filter, we use our experience in digital marketing and understanding of social media algorithms to create a strategy that will help your company stay relevant and increase your visibility on social media.

Social Media Marketing

Social media strategy

Using social media without a strong marketing strategy in place is like shooting arrows in the dark. A good social media strategy is built on intensive research, clear goals, and an excellent understanding of the algorithm. At Purple Filter, we work to create a social media strategy that is just right for your brand.

Social media management

Stop using social media passively. Being on social media is not the same as being active on social media. In order to have a high reach, you need to be consistent and active on your social media platforms. Our team of social media managers knows just how to improve your engagement and reach through a mix of organic and paid strategies.

Tailor-made content

Your social media content should reflect who you are as a brand. We create engaging branded social media content for you and your business. Our social media content can help you go from just another brand to an industry leader.

Create a Community of Engaged Followers

At Purple Filter, we understand social media is about being social. It is about how you engage, interact and connect with your target audience. We don't just create great social media content for your brand, we make content that helps your bond with your audience.

About Expenses

A good social media strategy is essential when it comes to brand building and development. We take all your unique social media needs into account before deciding on a rate. Book a consultancy today to detail out a scope of work and we will ensure that you get a quote that’s best suited for each other’s growth.

Here to ‘Brand’ your ‘Brand'

We provide A to Z branding and digital marketing solutions for our clients. Whether you are looking for a brand name, a way to reach your target audience, or trying to keep them engaged, we have your back.