Video Production

Step up your visual storytelling with Purple Filter. We create short-form and long-form videos that are assured to captivate your audience.

Be it an ad video, a social media post, or a short film our team of videographers and production experts has got you covered.


Our Benefits

At Purple Filter, we handle your video creation process right from the pre-production stage up to the post-production and distribution stage. Whether you need a short film to show at important presentations or a 30second video for your Instagram handle, we have you covered.

Video Production

About us videos

Who are you as a brand? What values do you stand for? What are your vision, mission, and goals? Introduce yourself to consumers, clients, and investors with a short about us video. A professionally made about us video is a great way to start a presentation and get your audience to truly connect with your brand.


A testimonial is the most powerful tool for conversions when it comes to marketing. Nothing speaks louder than a glowing review. Written testimonials are great, but when potential clients see satisfied consumers share their experiences, it increases your brand’s reliability.

Event highlights

Company events help bring your employees together and give them a much-needed opportunity to interact with each other without the pressure of an upcoming deadline. Record these moments of bonding between your employees. At Purple Filter, we help you cover your events and create videos that your employees will cherish forever.

Promo videos

A promotional video can help drive your audience to your website. Whether you’re launching a new product, announcing a seasonal offer, or just want to get your brand out there, a video campaign is the way to go.

Social media videos

Socials are all about video content today. Be it Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, short-form video content is what works best on social media. At Purple Filter, we specialize in creating short-form vertical videos optimized for mobile, that will help you both stay in trend and stay on brand.

We create visual solutions

Our scriptwriters, videographers, and editing team are visual thinkers who excel at creating high-quality cinematographic content. Elevate your storytelling campaigns by tapping into the power of video with Purple Filter today.


Having perfectly designed visual elements goes a long way when it comes to brand building and development. We take all your unique design needs into account before deciding on a rate. Book a consultancy today.